Our Offer

Hand and foot care

Well-groomed hands and feet give confidence to everyone. Our specialists know the prescription for beautiful nails. We do both everyday and special occasions.

Body treatments

We will determine what your body needs and choose treatments that will make your body smooth, firm, and well-groomed. We remove cellulite and stretch marks. We make a scrub that intensively cleanses the skin.

Facial treatments

Take care of your complexion. It's worth it to always be in the best condition. All our treatments are performed with the highest quality cosmetics and devices. We offer both routine treatments, eg regulation and henna for eyebrows, as well as more advanced ones like glycolic acid care.

Makeup and eyelash extensions

When you want to enhance your natural beauty, let us help. We offer make-up for special occasions as well as every day. Our professional service with knowledge and experience will properly choose the type of cosmetic for your face, so that you would be the best version of yourself.


Professional advice on how to choose a hairstyle and hair color to shape your face. We follow the latest trends, and as a renowned beauty salon we use hairdressing cosmetics only from the highest shelf.


The relaxed body is a beautiful body. You can choose from massages from different parts of the world, everyone will choose the best one for themselves.